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يَـٰٓأَيُّہَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ صَلُّواْ عَلَيۡهِ وَسَلِّمُواْ تَسۡلِيمًا

"... O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation." (QUR'AN:AL-AHZAB:33:56)

"O Allah, I believed in Muhammad but did not see him; do not deprive me in the Gardens of his vision. Bestow his company upon me and cause me to die in his religion. Let me drink from his pool a quenching, pleasant, delightful drink after which we shall never thirst again. You are powerful over everything. O Allah, convey to the soul of Muhammad my greetings and peace. O Allah, as I believed in Muhammad but did not see him, do not deprive me in the Gardens of his vision."

O Allah! I make the intention to invoke blessings on the Prophet, may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him, in compliance with Your Order and as an attestation of  the Prophet sent by You, our master Muhammad, may Your blessings and peace be upon him; in his love and in my yearning for him and with the respect due to him as he merits it. Accept it from me by Your Grace and Kindness and remove the veil of negligence from my heart and make me among one of Your righteous servants.

A-MEEN! YA ROB-BAL 'AA-LA-MEEN ! .............











"DALAA-ILUTL-KHAY-RAT" was compiled of Abu 'Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli r.a. May Allah Reward & Bless his soul.  (and to reciter Ishak Danis)

...  Al-Faatihah !


Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Whither Thither?"- [NUSMS]-Workshop-MUS1101E-3 Sept 2013

AlHamdulillahi Rob-bil-'aa-lameen !

My appreciation to the organizer NUSMS, undergrads and participants for the invitation - indeed a most welcomed opportunity to serve the ummah - may Allah SWT be pleased and grant us all knowledge and wisdom with His Mercy (Rahmah). j

Jazaakumullaahi khay-ra al-jaza'

 ”All praise be to Allah Who has guided us on to this. Had it not been for Allah Who granted us guidance, we would not be on the Right Path.”


Slideshare [nusms-2013]-on-being-muslim-series#1-(2-sept-2013) from Zhulkeflee Ismail


·         I learnt how the Malay culture (pantuns) coincides a lot with religious teachings.

·         "Muslims must not learn Islam as a subject but must learn to subject themselves to Islam." This quote said by Ustaz had the largest impact on me and taught me the importance of realising and hence acting upon the fact that Islam is all encompassing in our life matters and is not a mere additional subject that is of separate existence. That being said, I also realised that I have taken the 'simple' aspects of our religion such as tauhid, taqwa and even the salam for granted as given, when they are huge concepts that can't be taken at face value and memorised as definitions in a subject.

·         Our responsibilities, fardhu ain, changes as we grow older. it’s no longer sufficient to understand islam/the world at surface level. must seek deeper understanding.

·         We are firstly muslims before we are anything else (student, daughter, etc)

·         aim to be a human being that submits to Allah;  we have to also put in effort in gaining religious knowledge, not just the secular ones; don't drown in the life of this world

·         In order to be a Muslim, it is necessary for us to go through struggles, as only through struggles can we realise our utmost reliance on Allah alone. And some of the struggles include pursuing knowledge, and to always remember Allah in everything that we do (because of the fact that mankind tends to forget)

·         the significance of knowledge especially for Muslims
- the importance of being a good Muslim with good manners etc

·         The talk made me realize that in order to acquire knowledge, we have to be sincere in receiving it. Often, I feel inadequate as I lacked in so many areas academically. I often question myself “why do I feel this way” or “how come I don’t know about it”. But now I realize that the first step to acquire knowledge is when you realize you don’t know. While realization is important, action has to be taken. As what Ustaz mentioned, what we read, listen or see are mere information whereas understanding knowledge comes through Allah’s will, if we put our souls into it.

·         Another lesson I’ve learned was that as Muslims, we have to be grateful for whatever Allah has given us. Allah has given us countless of blessings, yet we humans are still ungrateful. As in human nature, we tend to compare ourselves with someone whom we think is better than us. Most importantly, we forget that Allah has given us the best blessing in this world by giving us Islam. Therefore, we have to strive to be grateful to Allah for He is our Creator and Provider.

·         Finally, we often regard the concept of success as something worldly- be it academic achievement, wealth or material gains. We forget that that eternal success comes in the hereafter whereas the world we are living now is just a test, which we will be accounted for in the hereafter. Therefore, while it is important to achieve success in this world, we also have to strive to achieve true success in the hereafter.

·         Some quotes form the talk
"Knowledge of the world is at tertiary level but what about knowledge of your deen?"
“Faith without obedience is meaningless”

“Obedience is not merely a ritual”

“And ritual may lead to hypocrisy so we must strive to overcome this”

"Muslims must not learn Islam as a subject but must learn to subject themselves to Islam"

·         Ustaz share the benefits and significance of saying salam in its fullest form. Plenty of blessings is accorded based on the degree of AS-Salam , the degree of Allah’s rahmat and the degree of Allah’s barakah/blessing which clearly is undefined to any makhluk. In this light, the doa through the salam is more than a symbolic act of friendship amongst muslims that binds hearts together, it is one of the reasons for Allah’s continuous blessings, goodness and mercy on us.  Allah is pleased with one who loves his brother for the sake of Allah.

·         the place of our parents in our lives. Out of the many factors that Ustaz could have chosen to elaborate in his talk, he chose to talk about our duty to our parents. So, all-encompassing is our duty that they should and can influence our ambitions. This reminds me on how the great men of Allah have all been great sons and daughters. Pleasing our parents is clear and sure way of pleasing Allah. So, upholding them in our lives, ensures ourselves as successful servants of Allah.

·         the importance of knowledge in being a successful muslim undergraduate. 
  • Knowledge is defined as the arrival of meaning to the soul.  
  • One of the points raised under TAQWA, which is one aspect that we should be striving under, is to be aware of the consequences and thus, fearful of transgressing.  This requires knowledge. Having the Quran as a source of guidance also requires knowledge. Overall, to live up to the total and perfect meaning of ad-deenul Islam requires knowledge from the reliable teachers.


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