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يَـٰٓأَيُّہَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ صَلُّواْ عَلَيۡهِ وَسَلِّمُواْ تَسۡلِيمًا

"... O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation." (QUR'AN:AL-AHZAB:33:56)

"O Allah, I believed in Muhammad but did not see him; do not deprive me in the Gardens of his vision. Bestow his company upon me and cause me to die in his religion. Let me drink from his pool a quenching, pleasant, delightful drink after which we shall never thirst again. You are powerful over everything. O Allah, convey to the soul of Muhammad my greetings and peace. O Allah, as I believed in Muhammad but did not see him, do not deprive me in the Gardens of his vision."

O Allah! I make the intention to invoke blessings on the Prophet, may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him, in compliance with Your Order and as an attestation of  the Prophet sent by You, our master Muhammad, may Your blessings and peace be upon him; in his love and in my yearning for him and with the respect due to him as he merits it. Accept it from me by Your Grace and Kindness and remove the veil of negligence from my heart and make me among one of Your righteous servants.

A-MEEN! YA ROB-BAL 'AA-LA-MEEN ! .............











"DALAA-ILUTL-KHAY-RAT" was compiled of Abu 'Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli r.a. May Allah Reward & Bless his soul.  (and to reciter Ishak Danis)

...  Al-Faatihah !


Monday, July 29, 2013

[Powerpoint]- Mabuhay Club’s Ramadhan 2013 Tadzkirah -"Enhancing Our Connectedness with the Divine in our Life" (Part 1 & Part 2) - reflection

·        Mabuhay Club’s tadzkirah (RAMADHAN 2013) 
- Enhancing Our Connectedness with the Divine in our Life (Part 1 & Part 2)



Alhamdulilllah. Am grateful for the ability to attend lessons during Ramadhan.

I was just pondering about the impact of attending these lessons and I think it was extremely useful because each week was like a stock-check: “Ok – how have your Ramadhan been?!” It made me ponder about:

1)      The significance of Ramadhan in my life
2)      How much have I been striving?
3)      This Ramadhan with retrospection to the previous ones
4)      Looking forward – Post-Ramadhan

1)      The significance of Ramadhan in my life or My Relationship with Ramadhan

I learnt that I really didn’t know Ramadhan that well in the first place. Relating this to a marital relationship (as how I usually remind newly-weds & to-be-married couples in my line of work), I learnt that we’ve got to keep an open-mind and a lifelong learning attitude.

For e.g., Discovering Ramadhan’s “pet names” (nama gelaran or nama manja I’d like to think), helps me understand Ramadhan from a different light. In similitude, like a couple, it reminds me not to be complacent just because one’s married; In this case, just because I’m a Muslim who fasts in Ramadhan, doesn’t mean I know what Ramadhan is all about. Also as Ustaz mentioned in the public lecture, sometimes the meanings we make out of the information could be faulty – or misconceptions – and thus, we need to seek the meanings that Allah had wanted us to find.

And these meanings are aplenty… and deep! I am reminded not to under-perform, not to  focus on Hari Raya & not to be swayed by the distractions/commercialisation of the festivities. I felt what was needed – was discipline & a paradigm shift in my beliefs. These “walls” must be understood in its context of a shelter, a protective feature and a place of comfort – it should be a home, not a prison.

Ramadhan is the most glorified month for the believer – a month of submission, purification, putting us to the test, standing in prayer, the month where Qur’an was sent down and also… like Ustaz shared later – Ramadhan is the EID of the ‘Awliya of Allah (literally "Intimate Friends - Wali of Allah") (I was thinking to myself… wah bestnya. Eid for one month! I pun nak…! Hahaha) That confirmed my ignorance to what Ramadhan had been! SubhanaAllah! Such a beautiful gift!

And to recognise that all the things we do – has a link back to the legacy of Rasulullah (saw)! It is not in isolation or a new crafted objective. We have this responsibility to carry – and may we be granted the ability to do so, in whatever capacities we may have. And this is what bearing witness to Tauheed is about.

I was also deeply intrigued by the divine spectacle of Ramadhan delivered at the NTU VSS talk, which also drove home the point that about our roles as witnesses, which brings me to my next point.

2)      How much have I been striving?

Ustaz highlighted so many gems in the lessons, it’s quite ‘difficult’ (err… I mean, it takes a bit more of brain processing time but not impossible) to string them all together. Though one thing that I felt was a strong message in the first tazkirah for the mabuhay session was about our efforts to respond to Allah. In the beginning of the lesson, Ustaz already established that Allah will definitely respond to us – that’s not the issue. He has already promised us that – but the issue is – US. How have WE been responding to HIM?!

The Qur’an being the Guidance (Huda) for mankind, the Bayyinat (explanation of the Guidance) & Furqan (to know truth from Falsehood) – How have we been utilising the Qur’an and the month of Ramadhan to respond/jawab to Allah?! There were so many highlights on du’a and swolah. Du’a being the marrow of ‘Ibadah, Du’a itself being ‘ibadah. MashaAllah! And at ALL times… to make du’a to strengthen this connection with Allah swt. I am reminded to make du’a even & especially in times of ease, for it is nobler in the sight of Allah. :)

3)      This Ramadhan with retrospection of the previous ones

Has this Ramadhan been better than the last? What helped me make it better? Can I do more of what’s working for me? Reflecting upon my previous Ramadhans… I think this year has been much better. Not that it’s fantastic (could always be better right?)

Yet what I love and am thankful for is that I’m keeping with a few goals now. ALHAMDULILLAH! ‘Cause when Ramadhan started out this year, I had set a few goals for myself – not gigantic ones; I chose simple routines – but it has to be done extremely consistently with no excuses (no matter how tired, no matter how lazy, no matter how late I reach home, no matter how sick). Bi idznillah. And ALHAMDULILLAH for Allah’s guidance and bestowal of achievement so far.

Past years had been a lot of wanting, but less doing. And sometimes, messed-up prioritising. I think it really reflects my ignorance of Ramadhan, hence such ‘outcomes’… Bleah. I can sense small positive shifts this year so far Alhamdulillah. May every Ramadhan be a better one than the last!

It’s true ya when Ustaz mentioned in Qur’an: al-Baqarah: 185 that Allah intends for us ease – it’s just that we never truly believed. We saw the other side, which is hardship. How myopic and erroneous a view! When Ustaz outlined what can help us see it as a facility – beginning with firm resolve (and niyyat), having husnudzonn, tawakkal & swobr towards Allah swt, having firm faith of Allah’s reward, being grateful for small & daily successes, striving to be ikhlasw & avoiding riya’ and understanding that Allah is the ultimate Judge! This was pointing to an attitudinal change of how we have been looking at Ramadhan.

4)      Looking forward – Post-Ramadhan

With whatever I am able to do now – I ask myself if I’m able to maintain it post-Ramadhan. With all the striving done in Ramadhan, how do we move on from here?

I was also sharing with a beloved sister about Ustaz raising the point on making a habit to recite 40 times (of a verse), so it becomes inscribed in our hearts and that’s the traditional way of remembering/memorisation! And then suggesting that a month of submission and striving with much ‘amal ‘ibadah is supposed to drive in a similar impact. And that’s how our submission is built.

And so – I have this idea that above and beyond the 30 days – I think I should strive with similar routine from the one I’ve created in Ramadhan for another 10 days at least in Syawal… and hopefully, this ‘amal will be inscribed in my heart too! In the hope that Allah makes it easy for me to ber’amal with istiqomah. Hee! Ok la, nanti lepas Eid nak try…

Indeed, when we learn to be grateful, Allah will grant us more. And a true believer (mu’meen) is one who doesn’t complains. And how we wrap up Ramadhan (this global, intergenerational, intercivilisational, traditional, prophetic, life-changing ‘campaign’) is with the clear united glorification of the One who truly guided us, without whom – whatever we had intended or wanted can never materialise. SubhanaAllah Allahu akbar!

I am deeply grateful Ustaz for your persistent guidance that had helped me understand my role as ‘abdan shakur a bit more. The renewed semangat to develop oneself is also something priceless that I hope will aid me in my journey back to Allah swt. Jazakallah khayran kathiran Ustaz and may Allah reward you and your family immensely for all the numerous blessings you have showered upon us. Amin. :)

OK – Ramadhan! Final Lap! Alhamdulillah!




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